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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Original Singapore political quotes

Quote for the Day:

When your enemies tell lies about you, the best reply is to tell the
truth about them.



1. The litmus test for democracy in Singapore is not whether voters
are allowed to vote in a government but whether they are allowed to
vote out the government.

2. Somehow, the PAP thought that by depriving the little girls' heads
of a cover, they are depriving terrorists of a cover.

3. Only a thin line separates virtues like patriotism from being
vices; that line is intelligence.

4. Lee Kuan Yew is remarkably adept at stretching half-truths into
whole lies.

5. The tudung covers the little girls's heads and uncovers the big PAP
leaders' lack of brains.

6. Apparently, the reasons for reclaiming northwards are better than
reclaiming southwards where there's much more empty sea.

7. My death would be a tragedy; Lee Kuan Yew's death, a statistic.

8. It is important to remember that Lee Kuan Yew's memoirs are not
history but his story.

9. Lee Kuan Yew is not corrupt, nepotic, a tinpot dictator nor a
scumbag but he has ever described me a inveterate liar.

10. When your enemies tell lies about you, the best recourse is to
tell the truth about them.

11. Epitaph for Lee Kuan Yew: "He died a statistic."

12. Epitaph for Lee Kuan Yew: "He convinced Singaporeans that the
totality of life is 3 square meals a day."

13. Singapore is a town without glory because its residents find no
higher purpose than the shopping mall.

14. Epitaph for Lee Kuan Yew's sons: "One didn't live Loong while the
other died Yang."

15. The rumoured title for Lee Kuan Yew's third and posthumous book
is, "From Third World to First and Back Again."

16. Any country that deprives its little girls of an education over
their dressing stands naked before the rest of the world.

17. Singapore's first democratic election was also its last, as so
often happens.

18. When Lee Kuan Yew won the election in 1959, it was not the
Opposition but democracy that lost.

19. Lee Kuan Yew has given us full stomachs instead of full minds;
salaries instead of enterprise; feet instead of wings.

20. TCS is making a movie based on Lee Kuan Yew, aptly named, "A Ugly
Mind". If it is entered for an Oscar, it will still lose even if it's
the sole nominee.

21. Lee Kuan Yew finished studying his law decades ago but really, the
law has yet to catch up with him.

22. Throughout history, dictators have always conformed to this mould:
first get elected, then eliminate all opposition, then become filthy
rich, then put family, relatives and friends in top posts, finally
insist that the media portray you as the greatest hero the country
ever had.

23. Lee Kuan Yew does not allow heroes in Singapore because there's
room for only one.

24. Lee Kuan Yew remains in famous company among
greats of the world.
Correction : Lee Kuan Yew remains infamous company among the
greats of the world.

25. Lee Kuan Yew would bend over forwards to please the Americans.

26. Lee Kuan Yew's breadth of mind smells like halitosis.

27. Lee Kuan Yew is sometimes gushingly described as the 'father of
modern Singapore'; appropriately, because (m)others are the ones who
do all the work.

28. Lee Kuan Yew always had one eye on posterity and the other on
White House occupants. The inherent conflict has made his vision

29. A Third World country is also measured by the poverty of its

30. The "pragmatism" proudly espoused by Lee Kuan Yew is actually not
a volitional choice but a absence of ideals, dreams and inspirations.

31. Pragmatism in practice simply means you flip one day, flop the
next, guided by nothing more than fleeting expediency.

32. A good quote actually says a lot more than what it says.

33. When a man is utterly lacking in principles, he dignifies it as

34. The PAP is adept at using laws to front its essential lawlessness.

35. P.ragmatism A.gainst P.rinciples

36. Laws do not a nation make. In Lee Kuan Yew's case, it fooled all
the people all the time from recognising his dictatorship.

37. TCS has produced another prime time Singapore hit.
TCS has produced another prime time Singaporehit.
TCS has produced another prime time Singaporhit.
TCS has produced another prime time Singapohit.
TCS has produced another prime time Singaphit.
TCS has produced another prime time Singahit.
TCS has produced another prime time Singhit.
TCS has produced another prime time Sinhit.
TCS has produced another prime time Sihit.
TCS has produced another prime time Shit.

38. Scruples defy the laws of economics. Singapore's poorest can
afford them while our multi-millionaire Ministers cannot.

39. Great men improve institutions they inherit to benefit posterity.
Lee Kuan Yews corrupt them to benefit their own.

40. Our ancestors migrated to Singapore to escape poverty. Our
descendants re-migrate elsewhere to escape Singapore.

41. How did Singapore know that Malaysia wouldn't be affected by its
reclamation without doing a Environmental Impact Assessment that
covers Malaysia's coast?

42. Every time Lee Kuan Yew looks good, the truth doesn't.

43. Sooner or later, investors will realise that Malaysia is
everything Singapore is, only 10 times bigger and better.

44. My quotes have additional meaning only because it's already
present in the reader's mind.

45. Robert's Law of Change: "The more successful one is in a system,
the less s/he wants to change it." Corollary: True change can only
come from the Opposition.

46. Mahathir is invited to the White House, riling Lee Kuan Yew,
because, increasingly, the West sees both as twins, with identical
successes, genetics and methods.

47. Old men wage war because it's the young men who die.

48. Doctors have qualms playing God to others' lives but politicians
have none. That's the difference between the Hippocratic Oath and the
Hypocritic Oath.

49. Government in Singapore consists entirely of seeing what others
have done and copying the solutions as well as the debates. It is
pretty far from rocket science.

50. Lee Kuan Yew's success with Singapore is simply playing the
computer game SimCity -- not alone like we players, but with a whole
cast of national and international experts to advise.

51. If you think about it, law is in reality nothing more than the
formalised commands of the person in power, in most cases, wielding
total or almost total control, whether with a truly functioning
Parliament or a rubber stamp one. All the formality and rituals are
nothing more than a pathetic attempt to elevate law and its
practitioners to a godlike approximation of the Muse of Justice Statue
when in truth, law and its practitioners are little more than henchmen
and hatchetmen of the person in control. At least, in open
dictatorships, this is honestly done but in democracies, whether
ones or fake ones like LKY's, the power goes to extreme lengths to
the populace into respecting and obeying the law, the last word of
should read "his will". Thus, law is simply a device to entrench
to carry out the decrees of that power and to compel the unthinking
mindless respect and obedience of that power. [Added 10 Jan 05].

52. I shall never set foot on American soil because, generally, I
don't like having shit on my shoes.

53. My Epitaph : I came, I saw, I solved it.

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Due to intensified attacks of bleeding stools, sleep deprivations,
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these, I stop, with this comment: that a game is a game only if you
have a decent chance of losing; that if you haven't, like when you
have your opponent in chains while you're free to wield the hot irons,
then it degenerates into a spectacle few human beings will admit they