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Friday, February 16, 2007

Nominate CHEE for NMP

Nominate Chee For NMP

Dr Chee Soon Juan has all the qualifications to be a brilliant NMP.

For courage, he has faced the mighty and ruthless PAP single-handed, braving jail, law suits (resulting in the loss of his house, car and life savings), plus loss of job and livelihood.

For vision, he has developed visions of a better Singapore for all of us, in 2 books (third on the way) in which he details not only his thoughts but how these can all be achieved practically -- compare that with the PAP, an organisation of over 10,000 ministers, graduates and members who have produced nothing even close to a vision.

For determination and unwavering purpose for our sakes, consider his continuance in toiling unrewarded instead of migrating to a far better life and career possible with his American doctorate in neuropsychology and experience as a NUS researcher.

For research ability, consider that he was invited (unprecedentedly) to give a presentation to Parliament on health care issues (unfortunately sabotaged by partisan PAP politicking and the machinations of a vicious press).

For ability to speak and raise issues in Parliament, he has proven himself over and over again in his party newsletter, The New Democrat, in which he raises all the issues that the PAP and its media never even think about. In his Open Singapore Centre forums, he has proven himself an able organiser, researcher and thinker into large and small issues concerning us.

And finally, For Us. If you are afraid to vote for him for fear of losing your flat's upgrading priority, but feel a little guilty for being cowardly and so easily intimidated, not to mention, a little resentful at the PAP for using such underhanded means to coerce votes, then nominate Dr Chee for NMP. At least, you will feel better. Take an interest and demand that the NMP selection process be more open and transparent and write letters to the press and Internet forums to seek his nomination and selection.

Of course, he is unlikely to be selected. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. So, vote him into Parliament if you can, in the coming General Election. If you cannot bring yourself to do even that one simple marking of a cross on the ballot paper, then try to make him a NMP. His selection as NMP will be the only redeeming feature of that peculiar system.

Fan of Dr Chee