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Saturday, February 17, 2007

US Deputy Sheriff in S.E.Asia

US Deputy Sheriff in S.E Asia

The New York and Washington DC suicide-plane attacks may have altered the world's balance of power forever.

It proved spectacularly that a small group of suiciders, needing no more than a few dozen members, with a budget of perhaps a few hundred thousand dollars, can plan, train for and execute missions that bring home the devastation of war to the very heart of the most powerful country in the world.

The true culprits may never be identified although scapegoats may be found and revengefully destroyed to avenge this humiliation. America has no true friends and many, many enemies thanks to its domination of world affairs and aggressive pursuit of its interests. Anybody, from the usual suspect of Osama bin Laden, to Milosevic supporters, may have done it.

Worse still, massive retaliation by the United States may, in turn, breed even more such attacks since, having been proved that such attacks can be spectacularly successful, it has become yet another weapon for those who cannot fight by conventional means, like the Molotov cocktail. What is there to prevent future attacks?

Even if every cockpit door is locked from now on, and armed Gurkhas guard them, terrorism in general will increase because of this encouraging success.

Now, coming closer home to Singapore, there is a lesson for the PAP government, too. Like Israel in many cases, the PAP government has deliberately chosen to become a Tel Aviv in a Muslim Southeast Asia. Like Israel (which helped set up and trained our armed forces), the PAP government relies on superior weaponry, relentless preparation for war and a cosy alliance with the powerful United States. Today, American fighter planes operate from our airbases. American aircraft carriers and other warships dock regularly. American logistics planners plot their strategic movements from Singapore offices.

Today, like Israel in the Middle East, Singapore is the United States' deputy sheriff in a Muslim Southeast Asia. True, our Muslim neighbours are not as fanatical as the Arabs can be, due to a cultural character of gentleness and genuine enjoyment of life even if not as materially well off as the Chinese and Indians, but it may not take much to take on a more belligerent nature and embrace terrorism.

And if the mighty United States can be humbled and brought to its knees, what hope for this little Chinese Israel?

Outspending the Muslims in war preparations, to the tune of US$4 billion a year, with largely US equipment, is now even more stupid because Muslim groups can do untold damage to Singapore with just a handful of suiciders and a few hundred thousand dollars. Terrorism works. It is now proven beyond doubt. And hundreds of jumbo jets fly in and out of Singapore every single day. What's more, Singapore is so densely populated with high rises that a suicide plane need not even aim to hit something big to cause almost the same havoc as in New York and Washington DC.

Just as the US now suddenly finds itself nakedly vulnerable, so, too, is Singapore.

Thanks to our brilliant million dollar ministers, Singapore has been the US' deputy sheriff in Southeast Asia. Perhaps gathering intelligence on its Muslim neighbours, not only for its own use, but also for Uncle Sam, since there is a coincidence of interests. Also, this alliance means that the PAP government gets all the technical help it wants from a willing supplier, needing only the willingness to share and to use its language expertise and knowledge of the region as its contributions.

Terrorism is now a proven concept, a good idea. It can be spectacularly successful and we will see more of it, in various forms. Singapore can no longer dream of invading Malaysia for its water and hope to be able to live in relative peace. Muslim networks across the world and in this region will get closer and teach each other skills and techniques. Singapore's large and impressive armed forces is helpless and useless in such an age. Belligerence begets belligerence. Only humility and respect for others' rights can ensure peace. The days when a large and well-trained armed forces and huge war preparations spending can ensure peace are over.

Will the US learn its lesson? Will the PAP government? Even if they don't, small groups all over the world have learned theirs. Terrorism works.