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Sunday, February 18, 2007

RH: Are God/s developed from Ghosts?

Robert HO Feb 9, 9:57 pm show options

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From: Robert HO - Find messages by this author

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 13:57:28 +0800
Local: Wed, Feb 9 2005 9:57 pm
Subject: RH: Are God/s developed from Ghosts?
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1. My late mother used to tell us her children about her ghost
experiences. She worked as a nurse after the Second World War. One
night, on night shift, she was walking along a corridor when she saw, in
front of her, an apparition. She immediately knew that that was an
apparition because although it was dressed as an Ayah [Indian or Malay
woman cleaner/general help, whose dressing was a top with a sarong, it
had no feet and moved or glided along smoothly without footfalls.
My mother decided to follow it to see which ward or room it would enter.
It did not duck into any room/ward until it came to a staircase
whereupon it turned the corner and promptly disappeared. My mother went
up and down the staircase to see where it had gone but it had disappeared.

2. Another time, a big sized Sikh died on a hospital bed. My mother and
the other nurses had the body removed and soon, a new patient, a Chinese
man, was assigned the bed. In the middle of the night, the man started
screaming in fright. When asked by my mother and the other nurses why,
he said that he had seen a ghost standing by his bed and looking down at
him. When asked by the nurses what the ghost looked like, he described
the big sized Sikh who had died on that bed earlier and whom he had
never seen nor knew about. The nurses looked at each other and knew he
had seen a ghost.

3. My father, too, had a possible experience with ghosts. He was once
in Malaya and slept out in the open in a plantation where during the
Second World War, the Japanese had killed many locals. In the middle of
the night, he heard voices saying, "Lift him up!" and felt himself
lifted up. But the next morning, he was still on his bunk and it was
probably just a dream.

4. I, too, had a ghostly experience in Pattaya in Jun 1997. I was
holidaying with my inlaws and our families, so quite a big group. We
stayed in a nondescript hotel, whose name I do not remember. My young
son was already asleep. My wife was unpacking the bags into the
wardrobes. I laid on the bed and fell asleep. No sooner had I fell
asleep than an ugly old hag appeared and started to strangle me. I could
not move my arms or body and started gagging and panicking, silently
screaming in fright. Then I woke up and my wife asked why I was moaning
in my sleep. I told her. We both thought it was a dream. Except that it
happened exactly 2 more times the moment I fell asleep. We asked to
change rooms and had no more such experiences.

5. Sightings and experiences of ghosts occur in all cultures and
peoples. So I am prepared to believe that there are such things as
ghosts. The phenomena is far too common to be dismissed as mere dreams
or overworked imaginations.

6. But if ghosts exist, then wouldn't it be as logical to believe that
God/s exists, too? After all, if there are ghosts, then there could
equally well be God/s.

7. To go a step further, couldn't God/s develop from ghosts?

8. In other words, if ghosts exist, and I am prepared to accept this,
based on the experiences I have cited, then couldn't some, at least, of
these ghosts linger around for ages, maybe eternity? After all, it is as
logical to assume that some, at least, of the ghosts stay around for
long ages as it is to assume that they disappear after a while. Both are
equally plausible. Mankind through the ages have lots of stories of ghosts.

9. So, couldn't ghosts develop into god/s? We know that even among us
humans, there are some people who are more spiritually inclined, who are
ascetic, who prefer to cultivate a spiritual life as opposed to the
rigidly materialistic and pragmatic people who only live for the here
and now. So, couldn't these spiritually inclined people, after dying,
continue to cultivate their spiritual beings and thereby develop powers
that we would call godlike? Especially if they have all of eternity to
develop these powers?

10. This theory may explain why God/s is oftentimes wilful and
capricious, exactly like humans rather than a Supreme Wise One? In fact,
in Greek mythology, the Gods are just beings living on Mount Olympus
and have their fair share of very human weaknesses, from jealosy to envy
to love and even vanities. Other cultures, too, often depict their Gods
as just 'humanlike' except that they have some powers humans don't have.
This could be mere anthropomorphism but it could equally well be true
observations and accurate depiction of the Gods.

11. If we accept all these, then perhaps governments and we ourselves
should rethink our approach to life and death. If we do survive death,
then would it not make sense to begin to cultivate a more spiritual
approach to life, and death? For example, shouldn't religion be taught
in school? Not in a proselytising manner but in a 'scientific' manner
much like we would learn tai chi or yoga? Perhaps we could even fuse the
main teachings of all the great religions to draw forth in our students
a more spiritual approach to life? Or encourage all students to take a
religion as a ballast in a totally materialistic world? It could be the
best preparation for life, and death and the beyond.

12. And that, is my Chinese New Year thought for 2005.

Robert HO
10 Feb 05
Singapore 1355