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Saturday, February 17, 2007

RH: Tree Leaves Vacuumer

From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
Subject: RH: Business Idea for a share of any profits : tree-leaves vacuumer
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
Date: 2004-01-08 08:03:10 PST


1. I am now in the UK for a year. I arrived last winter and it is
winter again now. I have just finished autumn.

2. In the UK, autumn is a time of great shedding of leaves from the
trees, which line most London roads.

3. As the leaves on the trees turn brown, gusts of wind or even
without wind, they drop onto the pavements and roads, each leaf a
litter. There are thousands and thousands of leaves [litter] on every
tree, all being shed and having to be swept away by a small army of

4. Why not vacuum away some/most/all of the leaves BEFORE they drop?

5. Each leaf on the floor is a piece of litter, unsightly and
requiring much work to sweep away manually, except for those mobile
roadsweeping/vacuuming machines driven slowly along the roadsides.
These machines can only sweep some -- only those in accessible areas.
And they slow down traffic. Thus vacuuming away the leaves while they
are still on the tree is a better idea and solution.

6. Of course, the UK is a pretty civic country and some people will
protest if bird nests are vacuumed away or damaged/destroyed. So, a
rule must be made that no vacuuming is to be done on trees with even
one bird nest on it, even if no birds are using it at the moment. [The bird/s may have flown south for the winter and may return in spring].

7. A botanist may be needed initially to confirm when is the best
time to vacuum away the leaves on the trees so that the tree is not
harmed, assuming that too early leave removal may be bad for the
tree's development. And confirm that vacuuming leaves from the trees
does not harm them.

8. To develop the machine, the simplest solution is to adapt/modify
the existing moving mobile roadsweeping/vacuuming machines. Or perhaps to mount a big vacuum cleaner type suction machine onto a moving truck with a small crane that allows an operator to manoeuvre the open end of the suction hose up to the leaves to vacuum them away. Preferably single-man operated. Preferably operating the whole thing without leaving his seat in the sheltered cabin away from the rain and cold.

9. Anyone with the money and technical expertise to design and test
out a prototype? You would not only get your name onto a patent, the
acme of paper certificates beating any awarded by any educational
establishment, but you could make a pile of money along with your
leafy piles. Think of each leaf as a dollar bill. That is quite an
inspiring thought.

10. Now, you just have to get cracking and line up investors and
patent lawyers. Just don't forget to send me a share of your profits.
Think of the busines potential. Every temperate city in the world will want to buy your machine. Just pay your dues when you start turning in profits.

Robert Ho
8 Jan 04
UK 1600 Singapore 2400