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Sunday, February 18, 2007

RH: How China can Deter a US Attack [Proxy Target Strategy] 2

From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
Date: 2004-11-07 09:48:53 PST

From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
This is the only article in this thread
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
Date: 2004-11-05 09:56:37 PST


1. Now that Bush has won a second term, the Republicans will probably consolidate their position not only in the Presidency but also both houses of Congress. America is likely to remain Republican for many more Presidential terms. Hillary hasn't a chance. America will, as in most countries, become a one party state, with an ever smaller Democrat party in opposition. This is my "3 Strikes Theory" which says that if a party wins 3 or more elections in a row, it becomes so powerful after consolidating its power, that the country will become a one party state with ever dwindling minority opposition.

2. Under neo-conservative Republicans, America will invade countries
and use overwhelming military force to get its way. Eventually, it
will clash with China.

3. Bush is already developing an anti-ballistic missile shield to
protect the American mainland, leaving only Alaska and Hawaii exposed
to ICBM retaliation. These 2 States will be unprotected because with
wars ongoing, there is no money to protect them. Besides, they are not white Christian fundamentalists States, so don't matter to
Republicans. Since protecting Alaska or Hawaii costs as much as
protecting the mainland, the US govt will probably choose not to spend such a huge sum of money protecting just 2 small populations. China can, if it chooses, destroy these 2 States with its small number of ICBMs.

4. However, a necon President can never be sure that his anti
ballistic missile shield will work properly in a real war, against
incoming ICBMs from China. It is one thing to work in a test but quite another to work as intended without fault, in a real war, as Iraq has proven to so many of the US so-called high-tech weapons. Many don't work as planned or supposed to or designed to. There are many unexpected outright failures.

5. Suppose that a neocon President spends enough money to develop a
foolproof anti ballistic missile defence shield. So, he is now
confident that China or even Russia, cannot hit him with ICBMs. What

6. China, or Russia, will have no choice but to hit PROXY TARGETS. By Proxy Targets, I mean targets whose destruction will lead to severe moral and ethical loss, especially that of a proven ally.

7. Who are US allies? Before the Iraq war, most of the world could be considered US allies. But now, only Britain and Australia are proven US allies, having sent troops to help the US invade Iraq. At this point in time, and for at least a few more decades, Britain and
Australia are so close to the US that they become Proxy Targets whose
destruction will cause great anguish in America, if not in the White
House. The fact that all 3 countries share a common culture and a
White heritage and language, makes it almost as effective to destroy
Britain and Australia as it is to destroy the US. Thus, if the US is
totally protected from incoming ICBMs, then these may be routed to
Britain and Australia instead.

8. Russia and China should make this Proxy Target Strategy clear to
all well in advance of any hostilities by the US. It should be a
publicly declared policy to influence the electorate in all 3
countries of the consequences of any attack by the US on Russia or
China. By publicly announcing this Proxy Target Policy, the peoples
and governments of Britain and Australia will quickly distance
themselves from the US, the exact opposite of now in the Iraq war.
Britain and Australia will quickly discover that instead of gaining
fame and fortune by prostituting to the Americans, that it is instead
an invitation to be attacked with ICBMs. Even if the US tries to
protect Britain and Australia with its anti ballistic missile shield,
the cost to all 3 countries will be so huge that their economies will
buckle under the effort. Besides, Britain and Australia will likely
get only the old and even obsolete models, as is US practice, and thus will never be sure that their protection is foolproof. Furthermore, they will never be sure that the Russians and the Chinese have not improved their ICBMs to the point where their shields will be ineffective. Thus, Britain and Australia will never truly trust the US for their defence and so will quickly distance themselves from the US. A happy outcome.

9. [To be continued]

Robert HO
6 Nov 04 0156 [Have been prevented from sleeping but will now try to
sleep after this retaliation by idea].

RH: Since I have again been kept awake, I now continue, at 0128 in
the wee morning of Mon 8 Nov 04.

9. Suppose the US and Britain and Australia do spend the huge sums of money to install foolproof anti ballistic missile systems to protect all USA including Hawaii and Alaska plus Britain and Australia, what then?

The answer is for Russia or China to atom bomb the polar ice caps.
This will melt all the entire ice caps and trigger humongous freak
weather changes that nobody, at this moment, can predict, except that
it will be catastrophic, as a reading of the article below will

If the ice caps are atom bombed, it will, in the short term, vaporise
all the ice caps and thus immediately raise the sea levels all round
the world thus drowning many cities. Every coastal city or area will
be inundated. Much damage will be caused by tsunami-type waves that
will be far bigger than any seen before. But that's not all.

In the middle term, the world's weather will suffer freak storms that
make the recent hurricanes in Florida seem puny, with corresponding
destructive power. In short, mother nature will be unleashed in all
her fury.

In the slightly longer term, the atom bombing of the ice caps may even trigger off a new Ice Age, with horrendous consequences for the entire planet.

I would be lying if I say I can predict all these, but my assumptions
are indeed very reasonable, if readers will do some searching using
words such as Ice Age, Ice Caps Melting, Greenhouse Effect, Solar
Radiation Effects, Global Warming, Global Cooling, etc. It would take
a good deal of supercomputer modelling to begin to see the consequences of atom bombing the ice caps, but I can assure you, what
I have briefly outlined above is the least of the horrors that will be unleashed. Some possibilities could be the turning of the planet to sizzlingly hot surface that cannot sustain any life like Venus. Or the earth becomes a frozen wasteland like some other lifeless planets. Life on earth is extremely fragile, perched on a knife's edge of countless variables that must be just right. A few ICBMs nuking the ice caps will change all that.

As the article below suggests. JUMP TO...

From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
Subject: RH: Warning to Bush and LKY
This is the only article in this thread
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
Date: 2004-11-04 09:57:49 PST


You have radiated my brain to keep me up till now, early Fri morning
0150 am. You have disabled my computer to prevent me from posting
anything, until I took out my wife's company notebook computer and
successfully accessed soc.culture.singapore and shook my finger
warningly at the ceiling to indicate that I will post meaning hit back with ideas, in my usual way, if my computer is not 'unblocked', after which I now regain all its functions and am posting this now.

Unless you are also able to block my wife's computer, I shall use it
to hit back with ideas. So, you had better not block my computer next

Also, if I am unable to sleep from now on, I shall hit back with

You have been warned.

I will not give any second warning next time.

I shall now go to sleep.

If I cannot, I shall hit back.

I also want all my websites back, Singapore-Window, CNN, etc. Or I
will put the blocking of these as 'credit' and when you have
accumulated enough credit, I shall also hit back.

I shall now go back to sleep and I trust you will not dare to keep me

You have been warned.

There will be no further warnings.

Robert Ho
Fri 5 Nov 04 0157



Greenhouse - Green Planet

Of all the planets in our solar system, the Earth is the only one that -- as far as we know -- supports life. So why is our planet alone so hospitable?

In part, we owe our existence to a process called the greenhouse
effect. Inside an artificial greenhouse filled with plants, the
surrounding glass traps the sun's energy, making it warm inside, even
while outside the temperature may be much colder. This same effect
happens every day on the Earth. Gases within the atmosphere act like
glass, trapping the sun's heat. These gases include water vapor,
carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Just like any other planet, the Earth absorbs the sun's heat and
radiates it back towards space. But greenhouse gases counteract that
heat loss, trapping heat, and reflecting it back towards the Earth.
The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the more heat that is
trapped. The less the amount of greenhouse gases, the less heat that
is trapped. Earth has just the right amount to help life flourish. Too many of these gases, as is the case on Venus, would create a runaway greenhouse and a sizzling hot surface. On the other hand, without any greenhouse gases, much of the sun's heat would be lost, and the Earth would become a frozen wasteland with an average temperature of 0 degrees fahrenheit (-18 degrees celsius).

Each greenhouse gas has its own important role in trapping the sun's
heat, the most significant of which is water vapor. On a clear day,
water vapor can comprise 60 to 70 percent of the greenhouse effect.
Next in line, carbon dioxide contributes an additional 25 percent.
Some gases trap solar radiation from the sun better than others. For
example, while man-made CFCs are one of the least plentiful gases,
they actually have a greater relative impact than many others.

The changes in the balance and concentration of all these gases can
affect the Earth's temperature, and these temperature changes are
often referred to as "global warming" or "global cooling." Greenhouse
gas concentrations in the atmosphere have been naturally rising and
falling for billions of years, creating cold and warm periods in the
Earth's history. For example, as the Ice Age progressed, scientists
believe the amount of natural carbon dioxide in the atmosphere dropped over thousands of years, reducing the greenhouse effect, and making the Earth cooler. But many disagree on how that change in carbon dioxide occurred (see "Big Chill" by Kirk Maasch). Today, scientists are looking at effects of global warming as they debate the long-term impact of man-made carbon dioxide and CFCs entering the atmosphere. Many climatologists argue that we are artificially increasing the greenhouse effect, warming the Earth faster than would occur naturally, which could cause problems for the Earth in the future.

But even as scientist debate the impact of changes to the greenhouse
gases, there is still one fact with which they all can agree – without the greenhouse effect, life on this planet would not be the same. In fact, we would not be here at all.


10. [To be continued if I am not allowed to sleep]