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Saturday, February 17, 2007

RH: Robert's definition of "Idea"

From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
Subject: RH: Robert's definition of "Idea"

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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
Date: 2004-01-21 07:06:56 PST


1. Many people mean many different things when they use the word,
"Idea". My definition of "Idea" is probably the most stringent and the most difficult to fulfil.

2. For example, if someone comes up with an 'idea' to solve traffic
jams by inventing a flying car, I would not even dignify this as an
'idea'. Why? Because this so-called 'idea', when revealed, upon

3. In other words, having the 'idea' of using flying cars to fly
above traffic jams is so difficult and expensive to develop that it is practically valueless to solving the problem. In short, an Idea must be almost the complete solution to a problem with the necessary
technical development very simple and straighforward and, if I may
add, cheap and practical to develop. The Idea, once revealed, must by
itself, solve most of the problem or problems, with only easy and
cheap development necessary. You need a genius to conceive and reveal
the Idea, but only an ordinary developer to do the rest.

4. Example, my Tree Leaves Vacuumer does not really fit my definition of Idea because the Idea itself solves only about a third to half the problem and the rest require quite some technical development by a competent engineer/designer. This does not mean it will not succeed or make money or is not an ingenious solution. Only that I normally do better. By the standards of ordinary mortals, it is an idea but not by my standards.

5. My UK Telephone Box Idea is within my definition of Idea because
the Idea, once revealed, solves most of the problem with just the
revelation. The only bits that need to be done is to devise a simple
exhaust fan that draws the cigarette smoke through a
Filter/Neutraliser to clean up the smoke. [The latter, the
Filter/Neutraliser does require slightly more work but nothing which a competent engineer and chemist cannot develop with a budget of say,
10,000 British pounds and a time frame of say, 6 months]. Thus, this
Smoking Box qualifies as my Idea. Also, this Smoking Box Idea solves
several problems of originality and execution all in one Idea, which
is often the case with my Ideas. My Ideas are often multi-pronged,
solving both the Direct Problem as well as two or more other problems
of execution, etc.[ I also now have enhancements that will
double/triple the profitability of this Smoking Box idea as well as
improve its efficiency, in case anyone is interested].

6. Thus, execution and ease of execution often determine whether I
consider an idea worthy of being a Robert's Idea. My Ideas must be
ingenious, work like a charm, solve at least one major problem and
probably other related problems, be easy to develop requiring only
ordinary qualified mortals, be cheap to develop and utterly feasible.

7. Most of my non-profit-potential or small-profit-potential ideas
are in soc.culture.singapore. The most profitable ones, including some 'blockbusters' are in my head. Practically all of these have not been thought of by others, even though there are 6 billion people on Earth. If any of my ideas have been thought of, they would have been done already, since their profit potential is so massive while the
developmental cost is so negligible. In soc.culture.singapore, I have
proven that I can innovate in economics, law, philosophy, government,
high technology, war strategies, the dirty bomb, computer hardware,
airport safety runway takeoffs, patenting and innovation, revolutionary elevator systems, etc, and of course, politics. In
addition to my 2 latest, the tree leaves vacuumer and the UK telephone box cum smoking box.

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8. In a world where most products are me-toos or lack originality
[but others, on the other extreme, being so impractically novel that
these have as much chance of succeeding as a dead cat being able to
bounce] -- it is no use if a product is novel if it cannot sell in the zillions, if it does not immediately grab the attention and interest with its solutions. Thus, a good idea, in other words, a Robert's Idea, is always perfectly balanced between the novel and the
practical. It should grab the attention, be utterly practical, solve
several problems at one go, be cheap and simple to develop, sell well
and enjoy a huge margin of profit even with a small price. Some of my
self defence ideas are not really Robert's Ideas in that they may take a lot of luck to work. Some self defence ideas are downright
impossible. These are not Robert's Ideas at all. Just suggestions to
trigger similar ideas in readers.

9. Thus, my ideas do not need the development of totally new
technologies. That would be expensive and take too long. Most are
simple developments of existing technology. If I can think of it, it
must be simple and easy, since I am a total layman in all my ideation. No flying car ideas from me.

10. Finally, a Robert's Idea is a solution to current problems, even
if no one has recognised that there is a problem. I cannot come up
with a 'solution in search of a problem' as sometimes happens to
inventors. Practicality, practicality, practicality. Sounds too good
to be true? You bet!

Robert Ho
21 Jan 04
UK 1503 Singapore 2303