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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Email the SM, PM and DPM

Email SM, PM and DPM

Not many of us know that the SM, PM, and DPMs are easily contactable by Direct Inward Dialling (DID) telephone numbers and even email addresses. I append them below. It is, surprisingly, no state secret protected by the Secrets Act, so revealing them is not a criminal offence (yet) unless, of course, a PAP Minister chooses to interpret it as so, since anything in this little island of ours can become criminal through the merest process of interpretation by an authority. The URL is below the list of addresses.

Senior Minister LEE Kuan Yew 7375133 lee_kuan_yew@pmo.gov.sg

Prime Minister GOH Chok Tong 2358577 goh_chok_tong@pmo.gov.sg

Deputy Prime Minister BG(NS) LEE Hsien Loong 3327200 lee_hsien_loong@pmo.gov.sg

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony TAN Keng Yam 7682803 tony_tan@mindef.gov.sg


However, having these email addresses alone is of no value since you must have a reason to write to them. So I have appended below, some suggestions of the kind of topics you may want to email them on, as well as some suggested formats for your emails, since the very thought of sending an email to these personages is enough to induce many of us to break out into a cold sweat. For these, I have ready-made email messages that you can simply copy and paste.

Have fun! Make your voice heard and your citizenship count. Let these powers know that you are not happy with the way they are running the country, for which we have employed them and for which we are paying them $2 million a year, including performance bonuses.

1. Dear Sir,

I am unhappy with the recent Government policies to censor the Internet banning political publicity by the Opposition. I would like to register my protest as a citizen.

2. Dear Sir,

The recent bankrupting of Mr J B Jeyaretnam and his expulsion from Parliament has meant that the Constitutional provision and its premises guaranteeing a minimum of opposition in Parliament has been breached. I now urge your Government to allow the appointment of a new Non Constituency Member of Parliament from another of the Cheng San opposition team.

3. Dear Sir,

I am irritated by your attempts to censor the Internet. I don't think it will work and will only make your Government seem silly and repressive in the eyes of the Internet world. It is totally counterproductive!

4. Dear Sir,

I think that your salary and that of all the other Ministers are way too high. I believe it exceeds $2 million a year when all the allowances and bonuses are factored in. Nobody deserves that much in a unaccountable job.

5. Dear Sir,

I believe that biodata of election candidates are disallowed for the elections. Why? If the Opposition are, as you have constantly tried to brand them, liars and thieves, then why not let the public know? After all, you can always rebut their claims in your mass media.

6. Dear Sir,

I think that General Election dates should be fixed at least a year in advance. That way, it will be fair to all and the Opposition will know when to marshal their people for the effort. By calling snap elections, it does nobody any good. The uncertainty cannot be good with foreign investors, etc.

7. Dear Sir,

There should be an independent Elections Commission to oversee the elections process, since elections are the most important feature of a democracy. An independent Elections Commission will inspire greater trust in the people and voters that the Government elected is indeed, the people's true and wholehearted choice.

8. Dear Sir,

Do you and the other Ministers intend to cut your pay as a token of solidarity with the workers of Singapore? If so, may I humbly suggest that all the Ministers forego their total pay and allowances and bonuses for as long as Singapore is in recession? After all, when we workers lose our jobs, we get no welfare benefits or anything at all. So, if we get no pay at all when we lose our jobs in a recession, you should all forego your pay throughout the recession. I think that is eminently reasonable.

9. Dear Sir,

Dr Chee Soon Juan will be launching his third book, "Your Future, My Faith, Our Freedom : A Democratic Blueprint for Singapore" on 4 August 2001, Saturday, at 2pm at Hotel Rendezvous, Straits Ballroom, Level 2, address: 9 Bras Brasah Road, Singapore 189559 (nearest MRT is Dhoby Ghaut). As with his other books, and all books by the Opposition, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to find in any bookstore in Singapore. Could you please ensure that some token copies are available in our public libraries?

10. Dear Sir,

I am nearing 55 years of age soon. With the Minimum Sum scheme, I will have little to withdraw from my CPF. Why is it that we have so much money to invest in Suzhou and to lend Suharto when it is so difficult for me to get my hands on my own money? Do you really think that I cannot be trusted with my own money, to apportion it wisely for my old age needs? Why do you all insist on legislating how we spend our own money?

These are 10 examples of formats and even ready-made letters you can simply copy and paste and email. But it is a frightening thing to do. So, if you need to, do a Search using the keyword "remailers" and find a remailer to remail your email. A remailer takes your email, then strips it of any email address and identity in the original, then re-sends the email to the address you type in, thereby hiding your original identity and address. It does not reveal your original identity and address to anyone, even when you do it in Singapore.

So let your voice ring out loud and clear. Let the Gods hear your voice. Let them know what you think. And you may just change a little of their thinking and yours as well and thereby change Singapore into a little better place for all of us!