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Saturday, February 17, 2007

sex.com and SFD

sex.com And SFD

I needed to know a website that is currently being blocked by the PAP government and found one in www.sex.com . If you were to click on this website in Singapore, this is what you will see:

"Error 400: The URL you requested: http://www.sex.com/ has been blocked by the caching server. Please contact your System Administrator with any questions."

However, if you were to go to www.safeweb.com and type in www.sex.com there, you will be able to bypass the PAP government block and visit the site. What's more, you can even modify your browser start page so that it always starts safely, thereby allowing you safe surfing to even sites blocked by the PAP government. This is so ingenious an arrangement that I recommend that Microsoft or any other Operating System creator put this safe surfing feature (perhaps as an option) into all its future releases.

Among other things, SafeWeb always encrypts and protects your web contents; sanitizes dangerous scripts and flash; and masks your computer's address.

In other words, if Singaporeans For Democracy or even TalkingCock.com are blocked by the PAP government, this SafeWeb site may well be the only way you can access them.

Can the PAP government block SafeWeb as well?

I think not.

It is one thing to block access to say, a brothel, but quite a different matter to block access to the buses or MRT trains that go there. Besides, the American CIA is providing some funding to SafeWeb to help the truth-loving and information-starved peoples of the world to bypass their government Internet blocks and PAP blocking of SafeWeb will raise a storm of protests from Internet people which the PAP has never seen before.

As the article Singapore to block British political web sites shows, the PAP intends to block sites like SFD. The penalties are so severe that the editors of SFD and other websites should consider whether they are willing to become Singapore criminals and thereby liable to $20,000 fine and two years jail for refusing to register their websites with the PAP government and be therefore liable for whatever content is published therein. After becoming Singapore criminals by default, they face being hauled into court if they ever step foot on Singapore again.

More than any other unjust laws the PAP has passed, of which there are far too many, this one is especially despicable. It is OK to ban drugs. Nobody seriously disputes the fairness of that. It is maybe, still OK to ban chewing gum because it does possess the potential to dirty the place. But to make criminals of Singaporeans for merely refusing to register their websites with the PAP government? It is no longer "thinly disguised rule by decree" as one correspondent wrote, it is now clearly and straightforwardly 'rule by decree'.

What has the PAP to be afraid of?

The truth, it seems.

With all the media in Singapore totally under its control, the Internet is the only media not directly singing the praises of the PAP and censoring news of its misdeeds. It provides news and information not found elsewhere in Singapore. That, is what is worrying the PAP.

It is becoming clear to the world and even to Singaporeans, that the PAP is fighting a rearguard action against the world and desperately trying to cling on to a model of society that cannot continue to be a totally closed system. If we never had the Internet, we may not miss it but with more than half of homes in Singapore connected online, it is too late for the PAP to continue its cosy arrangement of controlling all the news.

Its desperation offers hope to all democrats. It is a signal that even the ageing leaders of the PAP have recognised that the new voters are not so easily fooled. There are now so many channels on the Internet that they cannot be silenced. Starting a website is now so easy that the PAP will end up chasing its tail to try to stamp them all out.

As for readers like you, get to know SafeWeb. You may soon need it to read anything important.

Singaporean SafeSurfer