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Saturday, February 17, 2007

RH: New Ideas to deter a US/any invasion

From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
Subject: RH: New Ideas to deter a US/any invasion
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
Date: 2003-10-08 12:20:32 PST

From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
Subject: RH: Ideas to deter US/any invasion
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
Date: 2003-09-30 02:40:45 PST


1. Although we live on a seemingly stable planet, going about our
lives in a mostly predictable fashion, sure of sunrises and sunsets,
sure of the very air we breathe, sure of the slow-changing climate if
not the daily weather, the truth is the very opposite.

2. The truth is, although the human race is filled with petty
squabbles and even pettier ambitions, ever striving to out-politick
each other, committing genocides and other senseless acts of war and
cruelties to each other, Nature holds us all in the palm of her hand
and smiles at all our foolishness and vanities, knowing full well the
utter fragility of all Life on earth.

3. It is this realisation of the utter fragility of all Life on earth that I thought up this Idea of the ultimate war deterrent: that if any country, especially the United States, dares again to invade another country like it invaded Iraq, causing more than 10,000 deaths and thousands more of war widows, widowers, orphans and amputees, in the process also totally destroying the very infrastructures of civilised life, then the victim country can invoke my Ultimate War Deterrent to deter the United States, or any other aggressor, from such invasion.

4. How?

5. By threatening to destroy the Ozone Layer, a thin layer of
triple-Oxygen-molecules in the upper atmosphere, that has been key in
blocking most of the harmful UltraViolet B radiation from the Sun,
that would otherwise injure or even kill much of the microbial, plant
and animal Life on earth.

6. How?

7. By threatening to release, or actually releasing a calculated
measured dose of Ozone Depleting Substances [ODS] into the air. I do
not know how much would constitute a significant dose, how much a
dangerous dose, and how much a fatal dose. It depends on the ODS,
which could be a chlorofluorocarbon [CFC], a Halon gas, or even a
Carbon Tetrachloride cleaning chemical widely available and used as an industrial cleaner. All these ODS are easily manufactured and easily available industrial chemicals. Thus, even the smallest country can buy or produce them and store them in tanks ready for use anytime.

8. Currently, most of these ODS are already being leaked into the air in small amounts. Usually, under normal conditions, these ODS take up to 8 years to damage the Ozone Layer. However, a deliberate release of large amounts may take effect much faster. There is also the possibility that cheap and simple Research & Development may produce new ODS that take effect much faster, in months, weeks or even days. Now, that is interesting food for thought.

9. Would such a deterrent work?

10. I think so. Imagine. If Iraq had this idea before the US invaded,
do you think that the US would jeopardise all Life on earth by
invading Iraq? I think not. All that Iraq had to do would be to
release a significant amount of ODS to deter the US from invading. If
the US continued its build-up of military forces at the border, Iraq
would release another dose of ODS, and so on, until the World becomes
alarmed and pressures the US to drop its invasion plans. Or face the
wrath of a World that will be killed slowly but surely. If the World
comes to an end from a large depletion of the ozone layer, all the
'little' calculations of the US in terms of geopolitical advantages
and the looting of Iraq's oil would suddenly be irrelevant and
meaningless. All the neo-conservative hawks in Bush's
mal-administration would suddenly lose interest in wars as a quick
solution and an easy foreign policy. And the World would be a better

11. The good news is, the tanks and stockpiles of ODS are easily
obtained, either by direct manufacture or by purchase of these
industrial chemicals. They can be stockpiled in ordinary large tanks
until needed. They don't need weapon delivery systems like bombers and missiles to deliver. A simple turn of the tap valve is enough. If
there is a possibility that these tanks may be captured by hostile
forces, then a small system of pre-ranged artillery and even mortar or rigged explosives may be pre-deployed to destroy these tanks should they be captured. Thus, this is the Ultimate Weapon. It doesn't need a delivery system. It doesn't need to be protected from bombing raid attacks. And it can be sited anywhere in the country, even right in the middle of the city for convenience.

12. UVB radiation does not kill directly, does it?

13. No. UVB may cause cancer and DNA damage in cells but it usually
does not kill directly in humans and large animals. However, it does
kill or disrupt the normal functioning of smaller animals and plants,
and is especially deadly to plankton and other small organisms. This
means that if large quantities of plankton die, then the whole ocean's food chain, on which most ocean life depends, would be severely cut, with catastrophic result all the way up the food chain. This would affect even the terrestrial food chain, of which we humans are a part. In addition, UVB may also disrupt plant life leading to catastrophic consequences for agriculture and even animal farming. Thus, the consequences are deadly to human life as we know it.

14. Therefore, even though UVB does not kill directly, it can kill
plenty and catastrophically even if indirectly. Making it a workable
deterrent to wars of aggression.

15. Extending this Idea a little, this Idea can not only deter the US
from invading any country, it can force the US, the United Nations and the rest of the more advanced countries into deterring an invasion of any Country B by any other Country A.

16. How?

17. Suppose Country A wants to invade Country B.

18. Then, Country B simply releases some ODS to put the World in
jeopardy. Would the rest of the world simply stand by while Country A
invades Country B? Of course not! That would mean the end of the
World! Even Country A, when faced with certain World catastrophe,
would lay off. Thus, this Idea not only deters the US from invading
another country, it also deters any country from invading another
country, with or without the rest of the World's intervention. Thus,
this Idea ushers in universal and total World peace. The only wars
possible would be small group wars or small civil wars or
insurgencies. Large, state-sponsored wars would be impossible. With
this Idea, for the first time, the whole World has a stake in
preventing state-versus-state wars. Everybody loses, otherwise. The
world will save trillions from averted wars and armaments.

19. For the first time in the sorry history of the human race, wars
will not bring any advantages to the aggressor, only slow and certain

Robert Ho
21 Aug 03
UK 2127 Singapore 0427 hours


From: Robert Ho (ho3@pacific.net.sg)
Subject: RH: How China can deter a US attack with Space Junk
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Newsgroups: soc.culture.singaporeDate: 2003-04-04 03:31:42 PST


1. Currently, the US and mostly the West, 'owns' space. The US is the most aggressive user of space, with the most number of satellites and the heaviest reliance on satellite technology.

2. This means that if a way can be found to destroy or seriously
incapacitate all the satellites currently orbiting space, as well as
to prevent future launches into orbit of new satellites, then the US
military, without the satellites on which it has based most of its
military capabilities, will be effectively blind, dumb and deaf. It
will not be able to maintain surveillance of its enemies or potential
enemies, maintain any advance warning of ICBMs heading its way, or be
able to conduct military operations, from guiding its warships, to
communicating with its far-flung military human and equipment
resources spread all over the globe.

3. Without satellites, the US economy, and to a lesser extent,
Western economies, and to an even lesser extent, the rest of the
world, will be severely crippled. I estimate that the total loss of
all the satellites in orbit, as well as the prevention of future
satellites, will cost the US trillions and trillions of dollars, maybe even reduce its GDP by a point or two for many years.

4. It will setback the US military back several decades. And almost
level its capabilities back into almost the same level as its enemies, thereby reducing the US from being a hyperpower into an ordinary powerful state, almost back to the level of Russia, China, the EU and so on. It will lead to a new era where the US is not supreme – a multi-polar world that I believe has a much better chance of universal peace and cooperation, where the UN can become a more relevant organisation and Europe once again, play a large role in global relations.

5. How to destroy all the satellites and prevent new ones?

6. I have 2 suggestions.

7. The first suggestion is to launch a space rocket into the orbital
region used by all the satellites. Once in orbit, this space rocket
will detonate a nuclear bomb and the resulting nuclear explosion
shock-pulse will destroy all the satellites in orbit, since all the
satellites are electrical in operation. However, this does not prevent new satellites from being launched to replace the existing ones. That is where my suggestion comes in.

8. My original suggestion is as low-tech as the first is hi-tech (low tech can be as effective or even more effective than hi-tech). Space junk.

9. Again, a space rocket is needed. This time, the payload is not a
nuclear device but millions of pieces of ferrous and non-ferrous
metal, probably in various sizes and weight. These 'clouds' of metal
space junk will speed in the opposite direction to the paths of the
satellites, so as to increase the kinetic damage to the satellites
when they smash into them. The orbit and trajectories of these space
junk will be such that they speed at very high orbital velocities
that, in several days or weeks, will cover every cubic metre of space
used for satellite orbits. Thus, smashing every satellite they
encounter in orbit. The orbit of these space junk will be such that it changes slightly with every complete orbit so as to 'cover' a new
swathe through space.

10. The use of non-ferrous metal for the space junk is to preclude any use of strong magnetic fields to attract and remove them from their orbits, assuming the US tries to do that.

11. The shapes of the space junk will also be sharp, like small
durians which are spiky all over. This will preclude any attempt by
the US to shoot into space a huge inflated bag to 'catch' and remove
the space junk.

12. Since the space junk relies on kinetic energy to destroy the
satellites (explosions require oxygen, which is absent in space), it
must be very high speed and each junk must be of sufficient mass to do fatal damage to satellites it smashes into. They should have the mass of a large calibre machine gun, up to the mass of a cannonball-like small durian. Two or more such ‘durians' will be linked together with several metres of metal chain so that the chains themselves will damage or fling the satellites from their orbits even if the ‘durians' miss the satellite.

13. Thus, if the US threatens to attack China, China can simply launch one of its Long March III rockets into space to destroy all satellites and to prevent new ones from taking orbit.

14. This idea gives China flexibility. For example, although China has ICBMs capable of hitting the US, the US is now furiously developing anti-missile theatre defence systems that can shoot down ICBMs before they can hit the US. If successful, China may not be able to land any of its ICBMs onto US soil. Thus, this idea may come in handy. Russia, too, may similarly be precluded from having any successful ICBM deterrent if the US succeeds in its 'shooting down a bullet with another bullet' anti-missile theatre defence systems.

15. This flexibility is important. For example, China's ICBMs are a
weapon of last resort, so cannot be used except in the severest attack by the US. But my idea, being relatively less armageddonic, can be used in retaliation to a smaller attack by the US on China, for example, over Taiwan. It is a useful addition to China's deterrence options.

Robert Ho
4 Apr 03
UK 1231 GMT 1931 Singapore


All the ideas in this document are the result of a single mind, mine.
They are freely given to the world and you are encouraged to forward
this to your compatriots in other countries and organisations and to
discuss their feasibility, form joint research groups to test, improve and implement these war deterrents. I have published other similar ideas in the newsgroup soc.culture.singapore and a search using the keywords RH: and deter will yield most of them.

The main principle in these ‘war deterrent ideas' is that of
‘collateral damage', a euphemism coined by the Americans to
describe their policy of excusing the killing of innocents in the process of killing ‘combatants'. The Americans have no qualms in killing innocents in the process of invasion and it is this that gave me the idea of ‘non-discriminate' destruction. This resulted in my first idea in this genre, my Space Junk Idea, which, in destroying American satellites, needs to destroy and prevent the deployment of ALL satellites.

I then went a step further to invent the ultimate ‘collateral
damage', in my Ozone Idea. The Ozone Idea is workable precisely because it wreaks destruction on a worldwide scale targeting everybody including Americans and the West yet does NOT result in the end of the world. There will only be great upheaval in the economic processes of the world affecting the privileged lives of the Americans and the West. The rest of the world, being poorer, will correspondingly be lesser affected.

The main principle therefore, that you should now consider with great
interest, is, "How else can my country deter American invasion, using
another idea like my Ozone Idea?" Now that you have this principle of
deterring the Americans through employing a worldwide phenomenon,
there are other similar ideas possible.

I have other ideas for the defence of countries. Contact me if you are interested, for a fuller discussion.

Robert Ho
30 Sep 03
UK 1035 Singapore 1735




1. My Ozone Idea to deter a US/any invasion lacked immediacy because
it could take up to 8 years for the ODS released from ground/sea level to filter upwards through the atmosphere to deplete the Ozone Layer, which is mostly found in the Upper Atmosphere. This is a drawback of my Ozone Idea because, if you want to teach a dog or other animal to behave decently, you must hit the animal as soon as the dog does wrong, and it is no good to hit him 8 years later, when he will be out of power anyway [politicians seldom look beyond their next election]. So, recognising the problem, I set my mind to finding a solution. And found one in Balloons.

2. Now, we all know about Helium-filled rubber [children/party]
balloons that will rise into the sky reaching a pretty high altitude
before enough Helium leaks out for the balloon to fall back to Earth.
However, a balloon made, not of the usual rubber, but of polyethylene, can rise much higher, in fact, easily 25 miles into the stratosphere, or the edge of space itself. Currently, British balloonists are now attempting to use just such a huge polyethylene bag of Helium to rise 132,000 feet into almost-space. So, the 'technology' or precedent is already there.

3. However, we cannot use just one huge balloon to carry our ODS up
to the Ozone Layer because a single or even a few big balloons can be
captured by enemy helicopters fairly easily. A few thousand [or a
hundred thousand] balloons of much smaller dimensions will be
impossible to capture. These should be no more than say, 2-3 times the size of children/party balloons.

4. Thus, we have established that our Balloon Delivery System can
deliver our ODS right up into the Ozone layer, where they will quickly leak out due to the strong radiation from the Sun, which will
deteriorate the very-thin polyethylene balloons until they leak out
our ODS gas/es. Thus, the Ozone Layer can start to be depleted almost
directly within a day of launch.

5. However, to improve on our Delivery System, we should use, not
Helium, but common Hydrogen, for several reasons.

6. Firstly, Hydrogen is far easier to obtain. Simple hydrolysis of
water produces all the Hydrogen we can use. Secondly, Hydrogen is
about 4 times lighter than Helium, so will produce 4 times the lifting power in our polyethylene balloons. Thirdly, and most importantly, Hydrogen has a great chemical affinity for Oxygen, easily combining or bonding with it to produce water. And Ozone is 3 molecules of Oxygen loosely bonded together, remember? So, when the Hydrogen and ODS gas mixtures reach the Ozone Layer and start leaking out, BOTH THE ODS AND THE HYDROGEN IN THE BALLOON WILL REACT WITH THE OZONE LAYER MOLECULES, DEPLETING THE OZONE. Chemical reactions require a little energy but there is plenty of this in the Ozone Layer because of the constant bombardment of ultraviolet and other radiation direct from the Sun. Thus, with this solar energy radiations, both the Hydrogen and the ODS will react with the Ozone molecules to deplete the Ozone Layer.

7. Thus, with this Balloon Delivery System, the Ozone Layer can be
depleted almost immediately upon the arrival of our balloons into the
upper atmosphere.

8. Just a note: what I have sketched out are broad generalities. Your scientists can easily calculate and test out my scenarios. However, even if I am only 50% right in my little thesis, it would be a deterrent enough to stop the US or any other country from attacking
yours. One final point, although the consequences of this War
Deterrent would be quite catastrophic, it is not the end of the world. There would be great upheavals but not doomsday. That is why it is a workable deterrent. And if your country, like Iraq, faces
annihilation, this Ozone Idea and Balloon Delivery System may just
cause a pause in the Aggressor.

Robert Ho
8 Oct 03
UK 2010 Singapore 0310