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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Equal Justice for all

Equal Justice For All

Reading your article on "Corruption in Singapore: The HPL Saga shows me that LKY and his family are above the law and cannot be brought to justice on anything (including the Polling Station Affair).

What are the facts?

Fact 1: LKY and his family are but common property speculators. They are so rich yet still greedy for the extra money that could be obtained through speculation in property. About a dozen of LKY's family bought properties from HPL with the view to reselling them at a profit.

In short, like any speculator, "buy low, sell high". Or like "stags" in IPOs. Obviously, they have no need for houses to live in, since all of them are already occupying luxury housing. They bought HPL properties for the sole purpose of making money. In fact, LKY's daughter bought 2 units and has already sold one for a handsome profit (before the property slump).

Fact 2: The truth can be concealed by pure force. Even with some semblance of a parliamentary 'investigation' headed by Richard Hu, there was no real debate and no hard questions asked of the perpetrators. It shows a truly frightening degree of control of every institution in the country, from parliament to the courts of law.

Fact 3; They are driven by greed. They are not a bunch of ordinary people who try to speculate a little for the additional rewards of making a few bucks; they are rich beyond belief and have no need to be so greedy.

Fact 4: It is so unseemly for LKY and his family to speculate in property. His own law firm of Lee & Lee already brings in more money than his Senior Minister's pay and allowances. Why cheapen his reputation for a few bucks more? Ditto for Lee Hsien Loong and the rest of the family.

Fact 5: It is frightening to see how the entire process of 'investigation' can be covered up and manipulated to make LKY and family seem blameless.

Thank you for publishing this letter.

Justice for All Please!