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Thursday, February 15, 2007

LEE Suan Yew Award

LEE Suan Yew Award

Not many people know this but one of the top secondary schools in Singapore, namely Anglo-Chinese Secondary (Independent), has an award named after Dr Lee Suan Yew, (LKY's brother).

This is fine if he is an exemplary person who has contributed much to either the school or Singapore or both. However, I believe he has not.

I would like to ask the Principal of ACS(I) some questions:

In view of the HPL Affair, excellently reported in your website "Corruption In Singapore" in which Dr Lee Suan Yew is a major player, I would like to ask whether Dr Lee Suan Yew deserves to be honoured as a model for present and future ACS(I) students?

Dr Lee Suan Yew had to resign from publicly-listed HPL Properties Pte Ltd for giving huge discounts to LKY and his son Lee Hsien Loong and nearly a dozen other family members although he had no right to. Does this make him a worthy example to ACS(I)?

Even if his conduct as a director of HPL does not fall into 'criminal conspiracy to cheat or defraud HPL for the interests of his family members in purchasing units', does it not fall at least under 'ethical misconduct unworthy of a director of a public company', which brought upon him a letter and statement of condemnation by the governing Monetary Authority of Singapore?

Perhaps the Principal of ACS(I) should consider removing this Dr Lee Suan Yew Award from ACS(I) or change its name to honour somebody else otherwise our future leaders may think and act in the same way as he has acted, thinking it is ethical to offer huge discounts to family members as a director of a public company.

Incidentally, does ACS(I) Award holders get discounts from HPL, too?